Holiday season is here!

December. Cold. Short days… needless to say your house could use a little extra coziness.

With the Christmas holidays approaching we sat down with interior specialist Charlotte van den Bosch. Charlotte’s field within her family’s furniture company Habufa is product and style management, so who’s better to advise us for some great interior tips…

Here are 5 cozy tips from Charlotte: 

1.       To get into that real Christmas feeling use traditional Christmas colors such as red, gold and green.

2.       Add pillows to your couch to create a cozy atmosphere. Be generous, the more the merrier!

3.       Treat your feet to a nice shag carpet during these cold days. You can even combine two carpets by overlapping them. Super fun!

4.       If you don’t have fireplace you can use a nice basket and fill it with wood. Place the basket on a sheepskin for an extra touch of winter, you’re going to love it.

5.       LIGHTS! Use little table lamps to create a nice atmosphere or place some Christmas lights in a nice vase or lantern.


Keep an eye on our blog as we will be sharing some more cool items to cheer up your interior!