Almost Halloween… Time to get spooky!

If we say ‘get spooky’ we don’t mean the type of spooking that your horse might do in the ring or at home when he thinks to have seen a ghost… Or the fright you get when you open up yet another vet bill. We mean DRESS UP TIME!

What else is more fun than having a little dress-up party with your horse? And while you’re busy, why not frame the picture and have some memories forever? We did some research for the coolest costumes and bundled some of the best ideas for you and your beloved horse.


Life isn’t perfect, but your manes can be… If you’re more a fan of a minimalistic style, you can start of easy by pimping your horse’s manes. Adorn your braids of tails with some Halloween-themed garnishment. You can go for a subtle orange color or add in some little pumpkins, skulls… Imagination is everything!


If you like it than you should put a blanket on it –  Want to go a little extra but not too extravaganza? Blankets to the rescue! Not a dull, regular winter blanket of course. A simple white sheet easily transforms your sweet angel horse into a (terrifying) ghost. Just cut some holes for their eyes and ears and you’re all set. It’s even cuter when you have an extra sheet for yourself and match with your favorite four-legged.


Spooky but make it fashion – Does your horse only wear matching sets even for a simple ride at home? Maybe this one’s for you. Orange screams Halloween so if you already have an orange set for your horse, you’re already halfway there. If not, it’s the perfect excuse to make a trip to the boo-tique and add an extra color to the closet of your horse (and maybe yours too?).


Hold your hors… beasts – Attention Disney fans. Halloween is the perfect excuse for you to live your wildest fantasies with your horse. These combinations already set the bar high with their costumes. How cute is the beast…


What a nightmareWhat is one of the things an equestrian is most afraid of? Vet bills, for sure. Want to give your fellow horse(wo)men a heart attack? Paint your horse as if it was inside out or wounded. That will give everyone a good freak and nightmares for sure…

Add 8 legs to scare the crap out of everyone – Afraid of spiders? Then you might want to skip the next picture. Af is horses aren’t already scary with 4 legs they could possible break or injure, adding eight more doesn’t do the trick. We would outrun Usain Bolt if this creature would get close to us…


All of the above were added to our list of favorites and is definitely something we will try to master for the upcoming festivities. Are you going to trick or treat? Maybe this year you can bring horse along – See our previous post for some yummy treats 😉

If you try one of these costumes, feel free to tag us our use the hashtags #equlifestyle #equhalloween. Happy Spooky Season! 👻


All images were found via Pinterest. We don’t owe or take credits for any of them