‘Horse’ up your interior with these DIY ideas

Want to implement your love for horses in your home without scaring away your non-equestrian friends? Say no more! With these subtle hints to your equestrian alter-ego you’ll always be reminded of what you love (most);

  1. Kitchen towel ‘handlers’ 

Don’t have a place for your kitchen towels yet? Then this might be an option. There’s no need to get crafty for this hack, simply hang your bit(s) somewhere handy, pull the towel through the rings and ta-daa, a clean look with a horsey influence.


2. Beautiful curtain holders

Bits aren’t only useful for containing your horse but seem to be a very versatile tool for your house, too! If you have lovely, big curtains in your home, you can keep them open during the dat with a combination of a bit and a leather stripe – This gives a unique yet simple design with a hint to your barn-bestie.

3. Horses are simple art

Okay, this is the last one using a bit, we promise… Don’t feel the need to go very subtle and just want to showcast your love for horses at home? Then simply just frame a bit (or any other cool/minimalistic design from the stables) and hang it against the wall.

4. Hoof stalls

Sorry for the double pun above, but we couldn’t think of a better suiting name for it. Again a very easy design that you can make yourself by just finding a piece of wood and asking your farier for some old horse shoes. Or keep those of your own horse(s) for a full personal approach!

5. Stirrup – Light up

Want to get rid of those old, rusty stirrups? Think again! They may not be the most modern or handy to ride with but they make a lovely pair of candle holders. By simply removing the inside rubber (or metal if it’s really old school), you create a whole where you can put in any candle holder you like.

Feel free to share pictures if you make one of these DIY’s! Or maybe you have a fun idea of your own? Show us by tagging Equnews and using the hashtag #Equlifestyle #EquDIY

Source: Equnews / Pinterest
Pictures: Pinterest