The ultimate gift guide for your horsy friends and family

Saddle up! We’ve got the ultimate Christmas gifts under 50 euro all lined up for you to impress your ride or die during the holidays. Are you in desperate need of a last-minute horsy Christmas gift for your friends or family? We’ve got your back!

Kentucky Lucky Charm (€10,99)

Surprise your loved one with a beautiful lucky charm. The lucky charms are fun, colourful charms you can hang on the ear bonnet of your horse as a good luck charm. You really can’t go wrong with this one!


‘Whoa Clean Your Hooves’ doormat (€44,88)

A charming Etsy’s pick that will help keep their home, barn or other buildings cute and unique. The doormat is hand painted with high quality outdoor paint. You and your favourite four-legged friend can clean their hooves on this adorable doormat!


Funny coffee mug (€15,64)

Admit it, this this mug immediately puts a smile on your face. With the quote ‘A woman cannot survive on wine alone, she also needs a horse’ you can make every wine- and horse lover happy during the holidays. Maybe make some mulled wine you can serve in the mug right away and you’ve really scored some points with this original gift.


Alpaca horse toy (€44,99)

This alpaca horse toy will become your horse’s best friend! If your friend has a nervous horse at the stable who needs a little relaxation, this will be the perfect gift. It looks absolutely adorable and they love to play or cuddle with it. And be honest, who doesn’t want a cute alpaca hanging in their room?


Penelope phone pocket (€49,00)

This phone pocket is convenient and fancy! It is essential to stay connected while riding and to carry our phone everywhere we go. You can fasten it on the belt thanks to two buttons It can have any kind of phone, even the bigger ones and remains stable at any speed. This gift is perfect for the workaholic or for the selfie queen who wants to capture every moment!


Veredus Cap (€13,00)

Helmet hair… Ask any equestrian and they know what you’re talking about. After a sweaty riding session with a helmet on, every rider is in need of a beautiful and classy cap to hide their helmet hair. This Veredus cap has endless customizable possibilities to match any style. On their website you can choose the design that suits you best.


Happy Holidays!