Here they are…The Prestige novelties of 2021

The Italian brand Prestige is one of the fixed values when it comes to leather gear. With their outstanding craftsmanship, the use of high-quality leather, and their love for horses makes their creations one of the best of the world.

Another year means another bunch of novelties. Herewith, Prestige presents the 2021 novelties.


‘Designed for comfort’

The saddle developed with one of the idol in the equestrian sport: Meredith Michaels Beerbaum. The restyle of its minimal and elegant trait is enhanced by an even more extraordinarily comfortable seat which, thanks to its unisex effect, supports the anatomy of both sexes, making the saddle even more comfortable for female riders.


‘The outstanding dressage saddle’

The new X-D2 K free is dedicated to the modern sport horses, allowing them maximum shoulder freedom and an ideal fit. The new aesthetic combines with the technical innovation of the unisex tree and the new double-option for blocks, offering both perfect balance and great freedom of movements. A high performance saddle to stand out.


‘The novelty in cross country’

Lightness and freedom on the seat are the essential on the eye-catching cross-country saddle developed in collaboration with the champion Chris Burton, an icon of this sport. Extraordinary comfort, excellent close contact and peculiar two-tone colour to distinguish itself with a sportive touch.


‘Soft and anatomically shaped’

The new short stud guard girth presents an anatomical shape and thanks to the soft leather inserts guarantees an excellent adaptability to the horse and an extreme freedom of its movement. It presents elastics on both sides, rings for the reins and a central snap hook for the breastplate. The fit is optimised by the loops for the billets


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