No stirrup November: challenge number 2!

It’s November and that can only mean one thing: NO STIRRUPS. Although you might hate to ride without them (believe us, we’re guilty as well), it for sure helps you to improve your balance and leg position. In the beginning it might be difficult to ride without stirrups, but it will for sure help you on the long term.

Last week, we gave you a first challenge for your and your friends at the barn to practice and this week it’s time to step a level up!

If you feel more confident after doing an ‘interval’ training and you managed to ride without stirrups for 10-15 minutes without feeling unsafe, it might be time to step up your game Put some poles on the ground like an actual course and try ‘jumping’ it without stirrups and without losing your balance. If you don’t feel comfortable riding the course all at once, you can start by jumping one pole, then two, … Keep on building it up until you can ride the entire course.

Good luck!