Master-trainer launches new series of training reins with Proselected by LJ

Master-trainer, Jan Symons, is a well known face in the horse circuit. He was the person behind the successful careers of Philippe Le Jeune, Ludo Philippaerts, Frédéric Vernaet, ..

Together with Pro Selected by LJ, the trainer has launched a new set of training reins. “I saw several types of training reins being used the last couple of years. All with their advantages and disadvantages. Together with the riders I am training, I decided to create a set of training reins myself. The focus is on the self-development of the horses, without losing sight of it’s welfare”.

A happy and flexible horse achieves… 

Pro Selectred by LJ, a brand that is a part of the Equestrian Brand Development, is known for its qualitative products. The brand wants to bring the perfect balance between professional and amateur riders. “Working together with Pro Selected by LJ was the only logical choice for me”, Symons explains. “Not only the concept and the function of the reins needed to be horse-friendly, the quality of the products had to be perfect as well”.

“We wanted to create a product that will establish a better connection between a horse and its rider, without losing sight of flexibility and horses’ welfare”, Linda de Laet and Jan Symons tell us.

“The Full Jump Assist” is the perfect rein to train your horses at how in the most flexible and relaxt way. The reins can be used for dressage and jumping. “This is the biggest advantage of the training rein: the fact that it can be used to jump and to ride dressage”

“The Jump Assist” is the perfect rein to use during competitions. Since it’s easy to use and remove, the Jump Assist can be used in the warm-up and will make sure that your horse can jump its course in the best way possible. The “Jump Assist” has the same effect as the “Full Jump Assist”.

Most importantly: both types of reins have a safety built in to prevent hyperflexion or a ‘rollkur’.

“The horses’ welfare is the most important thing. A happy and flexible horse will always get better results”, the developers tell us.

“Last but not least we also have the ‘Magic Lunge’ in our collection”, Linda de Laet says. “This training aid is perfect for riders who like to lunge their horses on a regular basis. With the ‘Magic Lunge’ you can work your horses in a relaxed way. An elastic is built in to assure the best comfort for your horse”, she concludes.

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