Quarantine products: the perfect products to groom your horse while #stayingathome

Let’s face it. We’re stuck at home and we will probably be stuck for a while. But let’s see things into perspective: right now we have more time to spend with our favorite animals and give them the time they deserve. We went online shopping at Lieven Hendrickx and Horse2Me and selected or favorite products in times of quarantine.

A first ‘problem’ that may rise is the ‘mental health’ of your horse. How can you keep your horse busy, curious and interested when he is in he stable. When he’s in the field, he got plenty of this to look at, plenty of grass to eat, but horses that are kept inside for longer periods of time, may loose their interest. We selected these products to cope with that.

The ‘Power Play Ball‘ and the ‘Jolly Ball‘ are two well known products for horses to play with. If you put these balls in the stable or even in the field, your horse can play with it so he doesn’t get bored. The relaxation toy is perfect to put in the stable if your horse is easily bored and is the perfect stable buddy for your horse.

The relaxation toy is also available in bear– or unicorn edition.

Another way of keeping a horse busy in its stable is to give him treats he can ‘play with’ such as the Hanging ball, the Likit candy or the Himalaya rock. The Himalaya rock also provides your horse some essential salts and minerals.

Not only your horse can get bored nowadays, since we’re home all the time, we might need some things to keep us busy as well. This may be the perfect time to work on your plaiting skills by using these product.

Use a comb to divide your horses’ manes and put it together with rubber bands after plaiting. Your horse will look great with this sheepskin halter if you send pictures to your friends from your new plaiting skills!

Besides grooming your horse, you can use your newfound time to clean your boots and your other tack. You will get the perfect result with the tack cleaner for artificial materials, leather soap and leather polish.

Besides if you do want to work with your horse, it remains important to protect him from injuries. These turnout boots can help you with that לדוח המלא.