Tested: Equestrian Cosmetics from Equilibre… and we adored the Hand Cream.

We were a little sceptical towards the products of Equilibre Cosmetics. Generally we asked ourselves what the advantages would be of cosmetics designed specially for equestrians. Are the regular cosmetics not good enough? Well actually, after testing it with our team we tend to disagree.

Equilibre Cosmetics is the first line of cos­met­ics for e­ques­tri­ans de­signed to ben­e­fit both you and your horse. The brand designed a set of products that meed the high demands for equestrians skins. After testing is seemed the products of Equilibre Cosmetics are indeed created with solid, proven ingredients that can live up to its claims.

The products come in a well designed and artistic box. The products’ container is a standard container used for Facial and body lotions. We’d loved to see the top a bit more fixed when opening, as that means more protection against sun and light.

  1. The Face cream
    Created with natural oils and ingredients the Face cream feels very soft on our skin fr-libido.com. We tested this product after riding on a windy day. The lavender sent is very strong but not dominant. The cream feels a bit to greasy to our liking, but it certainly does the trick. The cream hydrates quickly and helps for a natural soft and smooth skin.
  2. The Body lotion
    To be honest the sun wasn’t shining that hard, nor were the temperatures sky high, which made our test of the body lotion a bit predictable. Actually in our opinion the body lotion is just the Face cream but a bit more fluid. Probably because more plant oil was used. We will retest this lotion when summer is in town and we start riding with short sleeves or just in our sports bra.
  3. The Hand cream
    Basically this is the product you want to buy from Equilibre  Cosmetics. Wheter your hands are in gloves getting al sweaty or you just ride without gloves in the wind, getting your skin dry more easily the hand cream is a lovely product that helps keep our hands in a perfect shape. The use of lavender in this cream actually makes sense.We do agree that horses do get calmer when smelling lavender. And actually our hands touch the horses’ body most. We also did love the fact it doesn’t feel greasy. We just use the cream and can continue to do our shores in and around the stables!

Our advice? We get it, we love the idea but are actually only wild from the Hand Cream. That is a marvel especially made for equestrians helping skin protection in and around the stables! Don’t get us wrong, the Face cream and Body lotion just work fine and are nicely researched… but yeah… the Hand cream made us smile again!

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