Signed, sealed, delivered!


If you love your horse and happen to be an accessories addict, we have some good news for you!

This summer I got in touch with Caroline Sonneville from Sokiline. Caroline is a true artist when it comes to making the prettiest accessories from your favorite four-legged friend.
I guess my excitement was very contagious as I received a gift voucher from my family…


How does it work?
The procedure basically works in 3 steps;

–          Pick your item;

–           Fill out the order form;

–          Cut some hair!


Pick your item

Scrolling down the Sokiline website you see all types of lovely accessories.
You can pick bracelets, earrings, rings but also luxury items site importante. Anything your heart desires.
Next to accessories that contain horse hair, Caroline also designed a line with elegant accessories that will contain the ashes of your horse.


Fill out the order form
Easy like that… fill out the form and send it together with your horse’s hair by post.
On a side note, you don’t necessarily need to dispose of horse hair as Caroline also offers this in various colors.


Cut some hair

The hair you need would have to be fairly long, so you would need to cut it from your horse’s tail. I took a lock of hair from the middle of the tail. Depending on which item you picked you will have to take more or fewer hair. Caroline specifies this per item.


Your package has arrived!

A week later I received two bracelets which looked even better than I had imagined.
I can only recommend having these elegant accessories as it will give your outfit a very personal touch.


If you would like to learn more about Caroline and her accessories, please visit


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