Alona Soloviova from Kiev. “I am lucky my horses are still alive and well taken care off.”

While Ukrain is trying to discuss a peace treaty with its invader, Russia, many Ukrainian equestrians are facing big challenges. Our office spoke with Alona Soloviova, a female showjumper living in Kiev, Ukrain’s capital. “I’m not sure where or how to begin… For us it is almost impossible to be with our horses, just 20km outside the city. This situation seems hopeless day after day.”

“Honestly about the situation in Ukraine – I wouldn’t even wish it on to my worst enemy. These days I am waking up not because of my usual alarm but air alerts.” Alona states

“The Wednesday before everything started me and my team were discussing our upcoming show and getting ready but next day changed everything upside down. I’ve been separated from my horses for 10 days now, but luckily I have my amazing groom that loves “her” horses to bits and stays with them 24/7. ”

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