The ultimate Valentine’s Day gift guide for horse lovers

Looking for the perfect way to tell someone ‘I love you’ on Valentine’s Day? Look no further. Surprise your girlfriend, boyfriend, ‘Galentine’ or even your horse with one of these amazing horsey presents. We’ve got some great ideas for you in-store to give to your loved ones on Valentine’s Day!

LJ Leathers browband 

Looking for something bright and shining to give your loved one? Maybe this LJ Leathers browband is just the thing you’re looking for. You can choose lots of different colors and styles on their website.

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Horse Pilot Teknit Boot 

If you want to give something more functional but still stylish, this one might be for you. These modern Teknit Boots are a true concentrate of technologies that fits all body shapes. Is your Valentine’s date in need of some new trendy riding boots? Then this is the gift you need!

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Back On Track Nights Collection saddle pad 

Roses are red, violets are blue, this saddle pad is the perfect way to say ‘I love you’! Red is the color of love, so why not spoil yourself, your horse, or your partner with a deep red beautifully crafted saddle pad of Back On Track. The golden details really complete the luxurious and romantic look of this saddle pad.

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Greenfield wool girth 

All a girl wants is diamonds… and wool girths. This stud girth with wool is made from high-quality leather. This means the girth is not only firm but also supple. The shape of the girth allows the horse more freedom of movement and offers extra comfort. Either spoil your horse with this gift or your loved one.

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Kentucky Valentine gift set 

A Valentine’s themed Kentucky gift set from Emmers. Do we really need to say more? Don’t know what to give this year? This is what will make every horse lover the happiest person on earth! Check out their website to discover the different gift sets they have to offer.

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Pavo Daily Fit cookies 

Treat your horse and pony with these healthy bars from Pavo. The DailyFit bars are made of important vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, which contribute to keeping your horse healthy.

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Equi Art design 

Isn’t this absolutely beautiful više informacija? With its unique design, the original abstract horse portrait, My Equi Art is loved by horse owners around the globe. Touch your own space or the space of your loved one with this personalized art piece of your beloved horse.

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Photo by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash