Dream Home Alert: A Luxurious Equestrian Complex

You are not just a horse lover. Horses quickly become a passion for life. You can see that in the house of the Mexican Olympic equestrian couple Frederico Fernandez and Paolo Amilibia. This beautiful equestrian complex with luxurious home at the Olmenlei in Zoersel breathes everything the noble animals stand for. Can you already see yourself living here with your horses? Grab your chance, it is for sale!

This pure joie de vivre and their passion for horses are reflected in the house where the couple stays every year between April and September (the period when the big jumping competitions are mainly held in Europe). The house has been renovated with authentic materials that emphasise its rural and warm character. The new kitchen, for example, is finished with a thick granite top and a generous sink in the same material. The retro cooker makes one long for the past. The floor is covered with reclaimed tiles. Other details, such as the copper taps and the matching lighting, provide the finishing touch in this country house.

Southern touch

The walls are finished in stucco and the rest of the furnishings are sober and stylish. The Southern European touch is never far away farmbrazil.com.br. This is partly due to the roots of the lady of the house. Although naturalised as a Mexican in the meantime, she has her roots in Spain. And that shows. She was responsible for the complete furnishing of the house. We have to hand it to her: if she ever gives up professional equestrian sports, she can go straight to work as an interior designer.

In the living room, the abundance of light is the first thing that catches the eye. The use of light materials and the soft colour of the wood compensates for the rather low ceiling and creates a feeling of spaciousness and cosiness.
The horizontal wooden beams, the door that reminds one of a stable gate and the fireplace are sober elements that give the room a rural, cosy and idyllic feel. The wrought-iron spiral staircase is also an eye-catcher. Straight out of a historic building, it seems to have been tailor-made for this house.

Horse accommodation and training

The same high quality can be found in the equestrian part of the property. These top horses, which fly more often than you and me and visit almost all continents every year, stay in 12 luxurious stables overlooking the nature of the domain. Each stall has a washing area and a tack room.
The horses are groomed in the washrooms, some of which have solariums. Wellness for horses, so to speak. For the optimal preparation and training of the horses, there are numerous facilities on the 23,000 square metre property: an outdoor arena of 50 by 80 metres, an indoor arena of 20 by 40 metres, a galloping track, a horse walker, a lunging circle and 13 grass paddocks.
Visitors welcome
It goes without saying that you enjoy sharing such splendour and warmth with others. With a life in the horse world, you also have many friends. They can stay the night in peace and quiet in one of the two fully equipped guesthouses. The house that lies by the large natural pond was aptly named “lake house” by the owners.
Before the guests retreat to one of the guesthouses, they can enjoy a drink and each other’s company on the covered terrace with an open fireplace/barbecue. The warm feeling of this outdoor space fits in seamlessly with the general atmosphere of the estate.

Text: Michel Van Den Brande

Photography: Hippique Immo

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