How to get the perfect body-clip for your horse

It’s that time of the year again… And we’re not talking about the Holidays. 🙂

Clipping your horse can be very helpful for you and your horse, but we all know it’s not our favorite job of the day. These tips will make your life a little easier:

  1. Before you start, make sure your clippers are in good repair with clean, sharp blades. Also be sure your horse has blankets that are of the appropriate range of weights and that are clean and in good repair, because once he’s clipped he will need blanketing.
  2. Before clipping

    Have your horse as  clean as possible. If you’re able to bathe it, do. Scrub as much as you can and really rinse out that extra soap. If you can’t bathe, curry, curry, curry stránka!

    Then use whatever kind of leave-in conditioner, light oil, or show polish spray you can to make the hair nice and slick so it will be more clippable.

    Don’t forget to prepare yourself, too. You’re going to get hair everywhere, so make sure you have some kind of full-body painter’s suit or long-sleeved white shirt with overalls—something that will help you stay comfortable and won’t let the hair in.

  3. Avoiding clipper tracks: As you’re clipping the hair, you want to clip against the grain. But always go back and clip angled against the grain so you can get rid of excess lines that might be left.
  4. Keep it smooth: For flabby or wrinkly skin like they have under their jaws or behind their elbows, be sure to pull that skin back so you can make sure you get a clean, smooth cut, even where the skin naturally folds over. That also helps prevent accidental nicks and cuts.

  5. Use smaller clippers for detail work: If I’m doing a full-body clip, I also use two different sizes of clippers; Use large body clippers for the neck, barrel, and rump, and then have a smaller pair to clip the face, ears, and harder-to-reach crevices in the legs to finish up.
  6. Cool and lubricate the clippers: Lubricate your clipper blades frequently and generously pročitajte cijeli izvještaj. A good guide is to stop to every 10 to 15 minutes to clean and lubricate clipper blades and let them cool.

Once your horse has a nice, clean clip, apply leave-in conditioner or light oil. That will help soothe that skin and slick any excess hair off.

Source: US Equestrian