Stephan Conter opens new stable in the USA

Stephan Conter needs no introduction. The Belgian business man is the owner of Stephex Stables and Stephex Horsetrucks and is one of the biggest horsemen in the world. Stephex Stables (located in Wolvertem, Belgium), one of the biggest commercial stables in the world, counts more than 200 horses ridden by several riders abra isto.

Conter has been expanding his business for years and it seems that that will go on for a little longer. On social media, Stephan Conter announced the opening of Stephex Stables USA. Located just five minutes away from WEF, Stephex Stables has all the facilities a professional rider needs to perform at the highest level.

  • Multiple riding arenas: large outdoor jumping arena, outdoor dressage arena, as well as a covered arena
  • Lunging pens
  • Gallop track
  • Grass Paddocks
  • Private tack room
  • And so much more…

The perfect location to escape European winter and enjoy the WEF-sun!

Source: Stephex Stables Facebook