New Freejump collection combines style, elegance, comfort and safety

Freejump’s new collection not only looks great, it also ensures your safety in the saddle at all times, which is what it’s all about, right?

AIR’S / ÉTRIER TRADITIONNEL are the traditional stirrups They gave a stainless steel shaft, a patented elastomer sole with air cushion effect, a polyamide top band, …

The SOFT’UP CLASSIC stirrups are born from the collaboration with Pénélope Leprévost and the Italian designer Pininfarina,  with its eye parallel to the floor and slightly reduced dimensions, is particularly designed for women, allowing a classic position of the foot in the stirrup.

The SOFT’UP PRO is a result of research and development work on the SOFT’UP CLASSIC stirrup has enabled us to validate the choice of a wider floor with rounded corners to improve comfort. In order to bring this improvement to the SOFT’UP PRO, here is SOFT’UP PRO+ with a floor widened by 1.6cm, i.e. 27%, which, combined with the absorption capacity of the spring steel, allows an exceptional touch of foot.