How to dress like a real ‘Parisienne’ based on five ground rules

The Global Champions Tour of Paris is almost over (our heart breaks) but that does not mean that Paris is over. More likely: the Parisian style is timeless.

If you ask our team, one of the best styles in the world is the style of the ‘Parisiennes’, the women who live in Paris. They always manage to look super chic, super classy yet effortless (we can only be jealous). Their style can be described as casual chic, wearing jeans, blazers and leather boots which they manage to combine in the best way possible. But how can you dress like a real Parisienne The basic rules explained in their own words!



The french woman effortlessly embodies the phrase “I woke up like this.” She doesn’t need much time to get ready – she is happy simply with red lipstick and messy hair. When dressing, she prefers minimal fuss, but she will have chosen her clothing with great care in shops beforehand.


La Parisienne likes to be elegant whatever she is doing, even if it is just visiting the Sunday morning market. But make no mistake, elegance doesn’t mean effort. La Parisienne never looks sloppy, you can always find a Parisienne woman elegantly put together.

French women prefer quality over quantity. Instead of buying a ton of different items and trying out various trends {which let’s be honest, you may or may not ever wear}, put your money towards better quality pieces that you will wear for years to come.


When it comes to putting together an outfit, most Parisians subscribe to the mantra that ‘less is more’. They tend to be fairly minimal. The phrase ‘effortlessly chic‘ is almost synonymous with French girls, but what does that really mean?

Some may say that the Parisian look is boring; I prefer to think of it as ‘less is more’. Parisian style can be a head-turner, but rather than mixing bold colors and dramatic cuts, it favors understated shades and just a pop of a bold color, or the introduction of tailored details in an otherwise unadventurous outfit.

When it comes down to it, what really stands out about Parisians is the fact that they never look like they are trying too hard with their outfits or look like they spent hours getting ready.


You may have heard about the French je ne sais quoi. The French like to play the intellectual card; they don’t like to be over-sexy. The sexiness comes from the way they walk and hold themselves. When wanting to dress or feel sexy, opt for the intellectual card. Avoid push-up bras or short skin-tight dresses. Sultriness comes from what is left to the imagination and is more about how you carry yourself than what skin is showing.


Despite her apparent conservativeness, la Parisienne is quite playful with her clothes. She likes to include fun details in her outfits; she is not afraid of shiny socks, funky brooches or metallic brogues. What is more important is that she enjoys the clothes she has on. Getting dressed in the morning is a fun experience for la Parisienne.


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