Strong women in the spotlight: Photographer Helena Massa

Helena Massa is a 23-year-old horse photographer from Flanders. She is well known for her dressage photography and her sponsorship with the brand KEP. Helena started photography three years ago without any education or background in photography or photoshop. With over 80,000 followers on Instagram, she began reaching a lot of people and brands. Helena grew to being one of the most famous self-made female photographers in Belgium.

Helena’s most favorite picture is one she made a couple of weeks ago. The breeding stallion Palousa San Sebastian (San Remo x Gribaldi) and his very extraordinary appearance hit almost 50,000 likes on Instagram. Helena was so excited to shoot this horse, being an exception of the dressage horses, she normally shoots. “I was so excited for this horse I couldn’t stop talking about him the days before I went to photograph him”, Helena said.

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