Talk about strong women in our sport: the story of Maja Emilie Leth

For the past few weeks, we highlighted a strong woman of our sport every week. However, this week we got hold of the story of the Danish Junior rider Maja Emilie Leth. The young rider found out she had cancer, while she went to the hospital for ‘just a stomach ache’.

Two weeks ago on Sunday, Maja Emilie Leth went to hospital with severe stomach pains, where doctors discovered she had a tumor in her stomach. On Wednesday it was found to be cancer, and she underwent surgery mijn antwoord.

Fortunately, the tumor was removed and there is no immediate spread. This also means that Maja can hopefully look forward to an easier course of treatment hereafter, to make sure she is completely cancer-free.” We won’t know the final course of treatment until after the operation on Wednesday, but I will probably have chemo to make sure there are no spreads,” Maja explains.

Looking forward to getting back on the track
“I’m so excited to get back on the back of my new horse Larry again. I got him at the end of January and it has been so great to develop with him,” Maja explains, stressing that she is also looking forward to getting back on the show circuit.

“I think my mindset has become much more positive from this experience. A situation like this really makes you grateful for what you have. In the coming years, I dream of going to the European Championships again and representing Denmark on the international stage”.

Unreal experience
Although Maja is very positive and looking forward to getting back in the saddle, she also honestly says that it has been a very surreal experience.

“It felt extremely unreal and it took a while for it to sink in. Everything has happened so quickly, so luckily there hasn’t been too much time to mull things over”.



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