Laughter is the answer to everything: some of the best April Fools’ jokes collected!

In these difficult times, some humor never hurts. Yesterday was April 1st and that resulted in some funny April Fools Day jokes. We have selected some of the funniest for you!

Stephan Conter of Stephex Group who is investing in Black Angus cows? Why not… 😉

Actually very disappointed that this one isn’t true because you know, chestnut mares, …

Eventingnation stated that Michael Jung would un-retire one of his horses to win Kentucky again. Luckily for the horse, he can continue his retirement on the field!

A former Belgian top showjumper who did not only make his comeback in the international ring but also in diapers? Well tried, Equnews..


Photo by Justus Menke on Unsplash