Spring Cleaning at the Barn: A Checklist

Spring is officially here! Time to gear up for warmer weather. There are not many perks of Covid-19 and the Equine Herpes Virus shutting down the equestrian world, BUT at least we’ve got plenty of time to do a proper spring cleaning at the barn!

This is our Spring Cleaning Checklist:

  • Boxes

The warmer weather allows us to put our horses out in paddocks and fields. Like that, you can take your time to scrub (and maybe disinfect because you know… EHV-1) the boxes. Get rid of all the cobwebs, dust, and dirt. Your horses will thank you. (Don’t forget to muck out the stables first)

Clean out the cribs, feeders, and drinkers. We don’t want to feed our horses bacteria.

  • Tack room

Nobody likes winter and neither does our tack. Time to bring them back to life. Get your sponges, cloths, warm water, glycerin soap, and leather balsam ready. We’re about to get in there.

Don’t forget to tidy your tack room itself and sort all blankets, saddle pads, towels, bonnets, boots et cetera.

  • The shed

Good quality shavings, straw, and hay are essential. Not just in Spring and Summer but all year long. Make sure to get rid of everything that looks like it’s poor quality. Molds and dust can cause serious damage, including issues in the respiratory system.

  • In & Around

Maintaining the rest of the yard is also necessary after wintertime. Give your outdoor arena, obstacles, garden and plants, trails, and windows some extra love slovenska-lekaren.com/.

  • Vans and lorries

We’re probably not gonna need them any time soon but a nice and clean trailer, van our lorry helps to make your horses’ life a bit more comfortable. Transport can be very stressful for horses so make it the best experience possible for them.

  • The horses (duh) 

While we’re at it… We might as well give our beloved horses a bath. We don’t want a dirty horse in a clean stable with clean tack, do we? And for those who are extra motivated: clip your horses!

  • Attire

Last but not least, get your attire ready for the show to begin. Wash your breeches, show jacket, (smelly) gloves, and the liner of your hat (most of them are removable) and clean your boots!

That’s it, you are now spring- and summer-ready!