Yummie Wednesday: Pasta with chicken, curry and veggies

Looking for an easy but delicious pasta recipe? Look no further! Stephanie Bex, working for the Belgian cooking channel Njam, selected the perfect pasta recipe for us!

“This pasta recipe is one that has been around for quite some time. It dates back to my student days (and yes, that was a while ago…)! My kitchen was not that big so I often chose simple dishes but I tried to make sure I ate enough different vegetables every day. And so this pasta with chicken, curry and vegetables arose and quickly became a fixture on my ‘kotmenu’. In terms of veggies you can use almost anything, this time I chose red and orange peppers, a zucchini and mushrooms but look at what you can find in your fridge. Carrots, broccoli and cherry tomatoes, for example, are also delicious in this pasta slovenska-lekaren.com/! And the chicken, you can replace it with scampi for a tasty variation on this recipe”, she tells us.

Needed (for 4 persons)

1 red pointed pepper
1 orange pointed pepper
1 zucchini
250 gr mushrooms
2 small chicken fillets
400 gr pasta (tagliatelle)
1 pot of Boursin Cuisine with garlic and fine herbs (240 gr)
2 tbsp curry powder
chopped parsley
Pepper – salt
olive oil

How to?

Finely chop all the vegetables
Cut the chicken fillets into cubes
Fry the chicken cubes in a little olive oil
Then add the vegetables
Let them cook along for about five minutes
Bring salted water to the boil
Cook the pasta in al dente
Mix the Boursin and the curry with the vegetables and the chicken
If necessary, add a spoonful of cooking water from the pasta if the sauce is too thick
Season with salt and pepper
Drain the pasta and mix it into the sauce
Divide among several plates
Finish off with finely chopped parsley