Five injuries only horse people will understand

Horse people are special: they usually prefer to spend hours in a freezing stables rather than staying at home around the fire with a hot chocolate. However, the life of a horse person is ‘no ponykamp’. While horses are our all-time favorite animals, working with them may cause some injuries. Here a list of injuries only horse people will understand 😉

1. A black foot or a missing toenail
Admit it, you should have changed your shoes before you went to get the horses. But even with good shoes your feet won’t always stay unharmed when the feed is waiting for them.

2. Painful red rash on your legs
The result of a day of baling hay and wearing shorts or of riding eight horses a day. Not a problem if you are wearing a jeans or breeches, not so great when you want to wear a skirt!

3. Blisters on both ring fingers
Riding without gloves seemed like such a good idea, until you found out how stiff the new grip reins are. Really a golden combination, especially when there’s a bit of sweat involved…

4. Sore red eyes
You let your hand slide along the hind leg, to lift and scratch the hoof. And exactly at that moment your horse is waving its tail in your face. People without horses will never understand how painful it is when a bunch of horsehair is waved in your face.

5. Muscle pain in the thighs
A lesson without stirrups or getting lost during an outdoor ride that turns the ride into a four hour ride instead of the planned two hours? Muscle pain is guaranteed. No hot bath, paracetamol or Arnica ointment that will change this

Source: Horse & Hound