How to keep white legs, well… white in Winter

Winter’s here ands although we love snow, hot chocolate and staying inside next to the fire, this might not be the favorite season of riders who own a grey horse or a horse that has white legs. Winter also means mud and let’s just keep it with ‘white horses and mud are not the best combination’.

Either way, there are some quick hacks on how to keep the legs of your horse white, fungus free and clean in the cold weather.

Dry Shampoo: dry shampoo for horses does exist and it can be the perfect solution in the wintertime. For the guys amongst us: dry shampoo can be used to wash your or your horses hair without using water 😉

Homemade: you can also make your own, powerful shampoo A betadine scrub with the Mane N’Tail shampoo does the trick!

Fake it ’till you make it: on super cold days there’s always good ole baby powder!



Source: Heels down mag