Combining a full-time job with riding: the training schedule of Stephanie Haelterman

Riding probably is the best sport in the world but combining it with a full-time job isn’t the easiest thing to do. A few weeks ago, Belgiums Charlotte Peeters already shared us her training schedule and today one of her best friends, Stephanie Haelterman was willing to do the same. The 30-year old works as Sales Lead Key account and combines her full-time job with jumping on a higher level. She told us how she manages to do so!

“It’s not always easy to combine my job with riding but Corona made it a bit easier”, she starts. “Before the global pandemic, I tried to ride two times a during ‘work-week’ and on Saturday and Sunday. Since I’m working from home more often nowadays, I sometimes manage to ride more. I prefer to ride in the morning because I never know how long I will be working that day and honestly, if I worked very late I don’t always find the motivation to ride anymore”, she laughs. “I do have flexible hours which makes it a lot more easy to combine my job with my career as a rider. Besides that, Laurie is a great help for me, she rides and takes care of my horses when I’m not around min feedback her. I’m also very thankful to my trainer Thibault who helps me a lot and always makes sure that everything is settled”, she concludes.