SOS: My horse makes a mess in his stable

It’s winter and that means our horses are spend more time in the stables. But what can you do when your horse makes an absolute mess in his stable? A few tips!

Don’t muck out the entire stable every day

Many horse owners much out their stables every day and they often clean the entire stable A dirty horse often makes such a mess that you would prefer to empty the entire stables. But as tempting as it may be, try not to be too tidy with a dirty horse. Dirty horses often take their straw all over the stable. Try to limit yourself to removing the manure and only remove the straw that is real saturated (red-colored). Do not take the straw that is not really dirty and do not toss it over. In this way, old but not very dirty straw can find support. This gives a solid, soft bed that is less likely to be turned upside down by your horse.

Try another bedding

A horse that is dirty on straw may be very clean on shavings. Experimenting with different types of bedding or try a combination of several types.

Give hay in a different way

Horses are creatures of habit. Some horses make it easy for themselves and just ‘shit where they eat’. You can steer your horse by putting the hay in a different place. Sometimes the horse walks his hay through the stable, which is not only a waste of clean hay but also makes it difficult to clean the stable. You can also use a hay net so that no unnecessary hay is wasted.