Hacking horror stories: what you see vs. what your horse sees

Halloween may be over already but with the nice autumn whether, you may decide to take a hack in the woods, in the field or at the beach. Therefore it may be useful to keep a few objects in mind that may look like the most ‘normal’ objects to us, riders, but scare the hell out of your horse. Today we try to see these objects through the eyes of our beloved animals…

You see: a plastic bag
Your horse sees: “a very scary moving objects without eyes, legs or ears. It’s probably waiting for me to walk by so it can attack me. It’s making strange sounds as well so I’m horse is definitely not passing by”.

You see: a puddle of water
Your horse sees: “a lake I can drown in. One step in the water and I will probably die. I’m sure”.

You see: ponies or donkeys
Your horse sees: “What are those little creatures? Why do they move like me and look like me? They probably just want to eat me!”

You see: a cyclist 
Your horse sees: “A very strangely moving object that is moving waaaay to fast. It wants to kidnap me for sure so I’ll better turn around and run away” rankhaya.com.