World Record side-saddle high jump gets official recognition after seven years

Seven years after her achievement, the Irish lady rider Susan Oakes finally got official recognition of her World Record that was achieved in October 2013. In the saddle of her horse SIEC Atlas, she jumped over a wall of 2m03 min feedback her. Not a strange height in a puissance; but Oakes jumped it in a side-saddle. Now, seven years after her jumping this wall, she finally got official recognition of her World Record.

“Seven weeks ago I got a call of the Guinness World Records in which they stated they had been following me the last seven years”, Oakes tells. “I had signed my record jump at the time. But Guinness World Records did not want to classify the height as a world record because no difference was made between a jump in a normal saddle and a side saddle”.

That changed now. “The Guinness World Records has made a new category. This is not only a big achievement for the equestrian world in general, but also for lady riders, riding in a side saddle”.

Source: Horse & Hound

Picture: Facebook Susan Oakes