Clipping season is here! Do’s and dont’s

Winter is coming and even if your horse looks super cute looking like a teddy bear, it might be a good idea to clip him. But when should you clip your horse? And should you even clip him at all? What is the best way to clip? We give you ten do’s and dont’s so you can start clipping like a pro!

First thing is that your horse probably will have to get used to the sound of your machine. Most machines make some noise, let your horse get use to the sound first. In this way you prevent him to get scared once you start clipping.

It might be a good idea to wash your horse the day before you want to clip him. His hair needs to be clean, otherwise clipping will become much more difficult. If you don’t want to wash your horse, make sure his fur and skin are clean before you start.

Make sure you clip your horse in a quiet and relaxed place where you have enough space. Best is to ask someone to help you to hold your horse. Don’t rush and take all the time you need. Make sure your machine is clean and the razors are sharp.

There is not perfect time to clip your horse but most riders clip in October or November for the first time. Most horses will be clipped again in January. We however advise you to clip your horse two weeks before a big competition. In this two weeks, your horses’ hair will get the chance to ‘recover’ and your horse will look at his absolute best!  Decide whether you want to fully clip your horse or if you want to leave some hair where the saddle should be put. You can also decide not to shave its legs, for example if your horse still spends a lot of time in the field.

If you clip your horse, it is best not to shave the whiskers. These whiskers are important for your horse: the whiskers around his eyes make sure he doesn’t hit himself and the whiskers around his nose and mouth help your horse to distinguish several types of food. It’s also better not to clip in inside of your horses’ ears. These hairs protect your horse against cold, dirt and insects.

Good luck!


Picture: Unknown