Five easy tips to become the most annoying person in the warm-up

Anyone who has ever competed at a horse show before, can testify that the warm-up can be a place of stress and nerves. Riders are concerned about getting their timings right, are getting nervous about their course and of course there is also the stress of a number of excitable horses and nervous competitors all sharing the same small space.

At each horse show there is at least one rider who is getting on the nerves of the other riders and if you can’t spot that rider, you’re probably the rider causing the others to have some extra nerves. Anyway, if you really want to be that rider, we have some tips for you to become the most hated rider in the warm-up in no-time.

Using too much space

Some places have a big warm-up, where you can perfectly do canter transitions, otherwise not so much. So probably the easiest way to get on the nerves of the other riders is try to ride a ‘full dressage Grand Prix’ in a small warm-up. Another possibility to take more space than you actually need is gossiping with your friends walking next to each other.

Being self-centered

You never know who you’re sharing your warm-up with so you can meet a moody mare, a hormonal stallion a very green horse, … If you want to get on the nerves of the other riders, the best thing you can do is not keeping this in mind AT ALL. If you see a horse gets scared when you canter next to him, keep on doing it for a few more times to make sure you’ll be awarded most annoying person in the ring.

Don’t look in front of you

Best part of the day is of course when you can just forget everything, daydreaming about anything site importante. Do this on your horse if you want to be as annoying as possible. Walk around with long reigns and let your horse decide where he wants to walk, drifting into other riders’ paths or walking straight in front of the practice fence.

The ‘put-it-higher’ rider

Another way to become the most annoying person in the ring is to jump way higher than you’re supposed to. Are you jumping a 1m20 course? Start jumping 1m40. It would be even more perfect if your horse stops in front of the fence and you need to jump it at least five more times.


We got it you’re brave enough to ride any type of horse: it doesn’t matter if he bucks or spins or whatever. You don’t mind if your horse is causing the warm-up to be an extreme chaos. You could take your time to start lunging your horse before warming up but this will probably mean that the wanted effect will not be achieved.

Source: heels down