Medical breakthrough for horses with chronic pain in feet and legs

Navicular syndrome, bone spavin, osteoarthritis, deformities, … there’s finally  a solution for these kinds of issues, that confirms Belgium’s vet Equisound.

“No more permanent lameness, constant pain or even premature euthanasia. Nearly 90% of the horses returns to a clean gait in the pasture and even in competitions. This therapy is also available for top competition horses with minor recurring ailments.”

How it works:

BackSound ®  is a treatment whereby specifically targeted injections trigger an immune response in the horse exactly where the pain is located. For these injections, we employ a device that determines the site of treatment up to 0,05mm accuracy: true precision work.

 No full anaesthesia: Because the injections take place under a localised anaesthetic, your horse does not need to be put to sleep, and you can return home together within hours after the treatment.
 Negative doping tests: no nasties are left in the horse’s blood, it will test negative for doping after three days.
 Speedy results: BackSound® works very fast. Most horses will have a visibly improved gait within the first four weeks after the treatment. Some patients may experience a brief relapse due to the body’s strong immune response Between 8 and 12 weeks post-treatment their condition will once again improve remarkably, and at the 12-week mark we expect to see a satisfying end result.
 Excellent follow-ups: We will meticulously track your horse’s progress through your regular vet and videos you send us. You will also receive clear rehabilitation instructions and we will provide exercises and constant feedback for you to get back to work with your horse.