Winter’s coming, or at least the fall/winter collections are!

On a hot day like this, you’re probably not thinking about winter at all (or maybe you are because some snow to dive in on the hottest day of the year would be a welcome refreshment 😉 ). We however got a preview of the fall/winter collection of HV Polo, Euro-star and Imperial riding and we were too excited not to share a few items with you.

I was was very happy to see that my two all-time favorite colors (pink and olive) are playing a big part in this winters collection so I can’t wait to run to the store and buy, well, almost everything.

The collection of Imperial Riding is focussing on girly items: think about pink, glitter and fluffy (pink!!) halters. In their clothing collection, pink, burgundy and glitter have a prominent role

The collection of Euro-star is using olive as one of their main colors this winter. Since olive is my go-to-color in winter, I couldn’t be more happy about it. They focus on timeless designs, that can be worn for several years and never really get out of style.

Last but not least, the collection of HV Polo, which had my favorite item for this winter; the gloves with fur. In overal this collection is very class with timeless designs that never ever, go out of style.