Nine IKEA items you can use in the stables

Confession of the day: when I moved out of my moms house, I went to IKEA with my horse truck (I kid you not) just to get everything I needed. Resulting in an appartement that is probably an exact copy of several pages in the IKEA catalogue.

However, IKEA does not only sell furniture, they also sell stuff that can be used at the barn. We selected 9!

  1. This is the perfect coat rack to put jackets, boots, shoes, .. in. If you put this in your tack room, it gives it a luxurious touch.

2 mijn antwoord. This drying rack is perfect for your saddle pads. You can not only used it to dry them when you just washed them, you can also use it after riding.

3. Wooden grooming box. The perfect box to put your grooming stuff in. The fact that’s wooden, give it just that extra touch.

4. We don’t think this item needs any further explanation, does it? 😉

5. Always useful to have a magnetic board in your stable to write important dates down such as when the vet or blacksmith is coming, who will we riding which horse, …

6. We don’t think this item needs a lot of explanations either. It’s always easy to be able to put your coats away in your tack room or in the stable in general instead of them laying on the floor.

7. This may seem like an item you were never going to see anymore after being potty trained put it can be very useful to put your cavaletti’s on while doing some flatwork.

8. This barchair can be easily used in the stables while watching others train or just in the stable. They are higher than normal chairs so using them to clip or plaint a horse is not a good idea (unless of course your horse is huge 😉 )

9. Always a good idea to put a mirror in the tack room for a quick check-up after riding eight or nine horses, right? 😉