Six reasons why it’s hard to live with a horse person

Horse people are amazing, we don’t need to tell you that. But however living with a horse person if you’re not a rider yourself may have some disadvantages, … 😉

  1. We bring our horses ‘home’, horse hair, mud or little pieces of hay on the couch? Sorry not sorry 😉
  2. We’re never home, though this could be an advantage as well 😉 We get up early to go to the stable and we return late in the evening. When we’re finally home, we probably only want to eat and sleep..
  3. We’re cleaning all day: the stables, our horses, the tack room.. When we’re finally home, we don’t really feel like cleaning the house as well. Result Our stables are probably cleaner than our bathroom.
  4. ‘Normal people’ are sleeping in during the weekends but horse persons have to show. This means we’re probably up at 6.00 so no sleeping in for us!
  5. We only talk about horses. When we’re home, we can’t stop talking about our horses, all day, every day!