Our favorite travel essentials to hit the road again!

Competition season has started again so we can finally travel to our favorite shows again. Therefore we selected the best traveling accessories to make your stay at the show even better!

This riding boots bag of Le Beau Courally is the perfect and most fashionable way to keep your boots clean and safe during their travel to the show.

No way to travel to a horse show without a good travel bag. This bag has just the right size to pack everything for the weekend slovenska-lekaren.com/!

The best way to keep your shirts organized in your travel bag is with this clothes organizer of Ma Pochette. You can customize the organizer just the way you like it.

Once at the show, it can be easy to carry your stuff in a backpack. This leather backpack from Le Beau Courally has everything it takes: it’s classy, fashionable and easy to use!

It’s always useful to have your Ipad with you during a horse show, for killing a death moment, showing your video’s to other riders, … This Ipad Bag from Ma Pochette instantly makes you happy by just looking at it.

The ladies amongst us also like to have their make-up or small mirror with them for a quick check-up or touch-up. This small cosmetic bag is perfect to always take with you on the show.