A weekend in Saint-Tropez: best styles, best views and best riders!

Competition is finally starting again and we couldn’t be happier about that. Therefore we decided to take a trip to the first CSI4* competition on the European continent: the CSI4* of Hubside fr-libido.com. Of course we don’t have to explain how excited we were to be not only at a show, but in one of the most well known coast cities of the French riviera as well.

To start with, it was nice to see that the organization of the show did everything in their power to follow the current COVID-19 measures. The trucks were disinfected when they arrived, there was enough space to keep your social distance and everyone had to use hand gel. There was only a certain number of public allowed. The show itself looked amazing, almost completely white which gave it a very classy touch.

Not only us, but the riders seemed to be very happy to compete again. Despite the hot weather, which was resolved by a break in the afternoon, everyone rode at their best level, reassuring some top sports.

Not only the competition of Hubside is great, it’s definitely worth it to step outside the competition ground for a while and discover the beautiful coast and harbor of Hubside, which gives you that instant summer feeling.

It’s not only the show and the city of Saint-Tropez that is great, fashion is the best as well. People in Saint-Tropez really have that classic, classy style. They always seem to be ready to go to the beach, go partying or have a business meeting, all combined in one outfit. We selected the best streetstyles for you!