Easy tips to keep your grey horse, well… grey

Grey horses, we all love them. However many riders probably wished they had a bay or a chestnut when they arrive at the stables on a competition day seeing that their grey horse is well… not so grey anymore. You then probably have to make the decision to wash your horse again or to just leave for the competition with a ‘wanna-be-bay’.

We however give a few tips to keep your horse as grey as possible and the start your competition day without some extra stress!

Keeping on top of stable stains and mud might sound exhaustive, however, riders tell us that regularly tackling dirty tails and muddy coats ensures that when it does come to competition day, the work is halved. Turning that yellow tail into bright white is a lot easier if it is cleaned regularly. Spot clean throughout the winter when it’s too cold for a full bath. When I compete with a grey one, I often make a braid in his tail the night before, ensuring it will not get as dirty when he decides to lay down during the night.

Purple shampoo! Many blondes amongst us will know this type of shampoo not only as something you can use for your horses but for your own hair as well. The purple color of the shampoo neutralizes a yellowish look in white or blond hair and will therefore make your grey look more grey than ever https://ed-danmark.com/koeb-kamagra-online/! If you’re looking for a good purple shampoo, I like this one.

White socks can be a challenge, but many riders still use chalk on their horses’ legs. Using a chalk-based product, they mix with water and use stable bandages over the top. In the morning, they unwrap, brush off the excess to reveal white socks and stockings. This can be a really good tip if you only want to keep the socks of your horse clean.

Neck covers will help keep your horse’s neck reasonably clean, but many grey horse owners recommend using a Lycra hood worn under your rug. Choose a reputable brand and make sure it fits correctly so it can’t slip over your horses’ eyes during night use.


Source: Renwickandsons