Eight ways to recognize a horse person, even when they’re not riding

Let’s face it, horse people are ‘different’ than ‘normal people’. Even when we are not riding, we still manage to ‘jump out’. Therefore: a simple guide to recognize a horse person, even when they’re not riding πŸ˜‰

Horse people don’t care about bad smell

Bad smell? Which bad smell? Horse riders are used to working in places where bad smells may occur: cleaning the stables, finding a death mouse, .. We’ve all been there!

Riders don’t care about cleaning a filthy mess

Probably a consequence of the first rule but still. Horse riders are used to working in the dirt so cleaning up filth is no problem for them brasil-libido.com!

They’re always outside

Rain, snow, storm,… Equestrians don’t care, they just want to spend as much time outside as possible. Equestrians are used to being outside in all weather conditions (horses also need to be fed when it’s raining πŸ˜‰ ). They also learned to dress themselves for any type of weather, fashionable or not!

They’re strong

Even the skinniest equestrian girl may surprise you with her strength. Equestrian are used to lifting heavy weights. Who needs a gym anyway? πŸ˜‰

Parking skills

Most equestrians are used to driving with trucks (big or small) and trailers. Therefore, parking is no problem for them! Parallel parking? No problem! Park a struck? Give us a few seconds!

They’re not afraid to name all body partsΒ 

Equestrians are used to giving a vet a very clear explantation about with is wrong with a horse. You will never hear an equestrian say that ‘his thingy may be swollen’. Equestrians also talk about sperm like it is something you get at a grocery store and we’re not even ashamed to do so.

They never give up

Horseback riding is probably the most beautiful sport in the world but it’s definitely not the easiest one. Riders know that you have to work hard for your goals and that there’s only one way to reach them: never ever give up.




Source: Bitmagazine