Brianna Noble: “No one can ignore a black woman on a horse”

The death of George Floyd has not only caused a shockwave in the US but also in the rest of the world. People are coming on the streets to protest against his violent death all over the globe but one of those protesters certainly ‘jumped out’.

Brianna Noble was riding her horse Dapper Dan during the protests in Oakland and joined the crowd, riding in front of them.

Beth LaBerge shared a picture of the woman and her horse on her Twitter page and the picture went viral.

The woman on the horse was soon identified as Brianna Noble, born in Bay Area. “It wasn’t a very planned thing”, the 25-year old told the Guardian. “I was really pissed off, sitting at home and seeing the video of what happened to George Floyd. I felt helpless and I thought to myself: ‘I’m just another protester if I go down there alone, but no one can ignore a black woman sitting on a horse'”.

The first protest in Oakland, right after George Floyd had died, got out of hand. People ransacked retail stores, broke into cars and set multiple fires. The videos of these incidents have been traveling around the world as defining images about the protests. This is another reason Noble decided to bring her horse: “I know what the headlines were about so I thought: ‘Let’s go out and give the media something positive to write about'”

Source: The Guardian

Picture: Twitter