Talk about training goals: Top riders are heading to Aachen

If I have to name my three favorite European shows, the CHIO of Aachen is definitely on the list. In my teenage years I used to live not far from the German border so I was always looking forward to go there every year and watch the top of the world jump on the almost ‘holy’ grass.

Since the CHIO of Aachen got cancelled this year, the organization opened up their arenas for top riders from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands (jealous much), who can come for a training on the beautiful grass. “We do however have to keep the people present to a bare minimum. We do understand that a lot of riders are dreaming about riding on our areas, but right now the trainings are only open for top riders and national teams”, the organization explains.

Every week, a different course in being built by Frank Rothenberger เว็บไซต์ของบริษัท. The A-team of the Dutch, Belgian and German federations have already been jumping on the course and they are using these grounds to jump again.

Guess I’m not a top rider (far from) and I probably won’t survive a course of Rothenberger, so I’ll just keep scrolling through Instagram, watching the top of the world jump on the grounds of Aachen 😉


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Thanks @chio_aachen for this opportunity ?? Hope to see these boys in ‘21 in the stadium @clemens.pieter @frankschuttert #Akarad #MillionDollar

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KING double clear Nations Cup CHIO Aachen???#walkinthepark #playingaround #teambelgium #tasteslikemore @royalhorseshop

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