Riding at the age of 94? For sure not a problem for Queen Elizabeth II

Imagine being the Queen of England (I for sure can), being 94 years old (I for sure can’t) AND being stuck at home due to the Coronavirus. Where I probably would be reading, watching television or try to advance my knitting skills (I don’t have any), Queen Elizabeth II choose a more ‘active’ lifestyle. The 94 year old is reported to go riding every day right now.

She states that she is planning to resume her public duties ‘as soon as she possibly can’ but right now, she just likes to spend time with her horses. You know what they say: “Once a horse girl, always a horse girl” and that for sure is the case for the best known monarch in the world. The Queen started riding as a little girl and hasn’t stopped riding ever since.

During her first Trooping the Colour as a Monarch in 1953, she already appeared in the Grenadier Guards Uniform and later she has been spotted on a horse several times.

The Queen is reported to visit the Buckingham Palace’s resident horse aficionado every day to pet her horses, spend time with them or to go out hacking. It is stated that the Queen is in excellent health and condition and will probably keep on riding for the rest of her life. And let’s be honest, if riding is good for a queen, it sure is good for all the rest of us mijn antwoord! 😉  We however would advise her to wear a cap in the future 😉

Pictures: Instagram / Pinterest