Still looking for the perfect gift for Mothers Day? Look no further!

Despite the fact that Corona is currently dominating the world, we for sure know who rules ours: our mom. Let’s face it, without our moms we wouldn’t be the persons we were today (at least I wouldn’t). BUT, if I’m honest, I’m the worst in buying gifts. Usually I just hope my brother has more inspiration than I do (luckily, he once again did this year) ;-).

Are you still looking for the perfect gift for Mothers Day? Equlifestyle is more than happy to give you some suggestions.

If you mom likes to go for long walks in this quarantine period, this saddle bag from Prestige Italia might be the perfect gift. In this way, your mom can take everything she wants while making long walks on the beach, on the woods or in the field.

Another idea is the beautiful saddle pad from LJ Leathers and one of Belgiums most well known lady riders Gudrun Patteet. The pad is available in black and blue and is made from the best and best looking fabrics mijn antwoord.

A woman can never have too many accessories and neither does your mom. These belts from Epona and Spooks are perfect to give her riding outfit just a little extra but can be used perfectly in daily clothing as well.

Of course, not all moms are horse moms. Mine for instance, freezes as soon as a horses comes close (I don’t understand it either…). But she does like dogs however (this is proof we are actually related and I’m not adopted 😉 ). What do you think about this dog collar or dog lead? Not only the perfect present for your mom, but for your dog as well!

Maybe not the gift you wanted to five this year, but if you want your mom to come and support you in competitions (when they can finally start again), it can be a good idea to give her a beautiful face mask. Another idea is this amazing toiletry bag that immediately shows her how much you love her!