Our Photographers’ favorite: Claus Close-Up

Since we’re still in quarantine, we asked all photographers of Equnews to select their three favorite pictures and to tell the story behind them. Today it’s up to Ashley Claus, who has been photographing for the news website as ‘Claus Close-Up’.

Bertram Allen – Gin Chin van het Lindenhof – LGCT Miami Beach

As an equestrian photographer you will visit the most special locations. Beautiful competitions are organized around historic buildings, at the water, in the middle of the forest. One of the nicest show, is being organized at the breathtaking location of the Longines Global Champions Tour on Miami Beach. Under the clear blue sky, on the beautiful white beach of Miami and with the clear blue sea in the background, for me this is the most beautiful show in the world. The sea is so close to the show ring, I think it’s only 10 meters far. From the stands, the VIP stands, but also from the photographers lane, the sea is the background for almost all your photos. The absolute world top of the showjumping riders travels to this location and the free entrance also gives beachgoers present the opportunity to take a look during the competition or in the ‘straw village’. This all combined, creates a very special atmosphere during this beautiful event.

Edward Gal – Glock’s Total US – Jumping Amsterdam

Equestrian sports are all about emotion in all disciplines. All emotions from disappointment to the deepest joy passes. But being able to capture the moment when rider and horse have achieved a goal together remains as one of the highlights of your work as a photographer. Edward Gal wins the Intermediate class with upcoming talent Glock’s Total US. A satisfied but emotional look from the rider and the horse who looks proudly at the audience. This is one of those moments that equestrian sports are all about.

Sanne de Jong – Enjoy – Military Boekelo

From an early age, Military Boekelo has been one of my favorite excursions in equestrian sports. In addition to the thousands of visitors, the business part of the event and the atmospheric village, a fantastic competition is always organized here apoteketgenerisk.com. One thing is clear, all eventing riders like to come to Boekelo. From the infamous stable party on Tuesday evening, the cozy Classic Night Fair on Thursday to all-day absolute top sport, with the highlight of course being the cross-country on Saturday. Obstacles with splashing water, the audience sinking in the mud, or a fire truck that has to refill the water jump in the middle of October because of the extreme heat, there is always something going on in Boekelo. During this tropical edition of Military Boekelo, there was no mud, but blowing sand. Something that always gives a nice effect on the photos. Sanne’s concentrated gaze and her horse’s satisfied gaze show me what this sport is all about .. “Teamwork!”