Alona Soloviova: “We can’t travel from one village to another anymore”

We’re all very aware of the Corona measures in the centre of Europe in countries such as Belgium, The Netherlands and France but we actually don’t know what’s happening in the East. Therefore we asked Ukrainian showjumper Alona Soloviova, who only recently moved back to her home country, how quarantine is going in Ukraine and how she keeps her horses happy!

First let me introduce myself I’m Alona Soloviova , 20 years old show jumper from Ukraine. I was in love with horses since I remember myself and it was always a dream for me to ride. As I’m coming from a non-horsie family my parents were afraid but they always supported my every decision that I’m always grateful for. I started my equestrian journey at 8 years old and would never stop. At this moment I’m Master Of Sports in Ukraine and keep working hard to get Master Of Sports of International Level in the future.

When I was 16 I moved to England (Hickstead) to be trained with World Level rider – Shane Breen, jumped my first European Championships and after 2 years I moved to Belgium to train with some other great people for another two years. These 4 years were absolutely amazing : gained a lot of experience, met and got in contact with so many riders that couple of years ago I could only dream about and watch them on internet, got a chance to compete at some world class shows. So I can’t describe my feeling after these amazing years abroad, but not a long time ago I decided to move back home but still continue my international journey but at these time with a pure professional, with a man that’s got so much experience behind his back – Oleh Krasiuk. Being together with my family and do what I love – I couldn’t let this opportunity go. Every single day I realize how lucky I was to have everything done in time, to move my horses and all my stuff, before customs were closed.

So after pandemic started,everything was closed, in-and-out between the towns were stopped, we are all settled in at Equestrian Breeding Centre “Brech”. Very grateful to the owner of this beautiful place – Anatoliy Bondar, to let us be based here as this is probably one of the best places I’ve seen. This “short” story of my “long enough” journey ?
At these difficult times we try to keep our horses as happy as possible! During the week they always have one day off, one easy day on the lunge and 4-5 days of flat work with some pole work and gymnastics. I always concentrate on relaxation of my horses and let them work nicely. Not a long time ago I got a new horse – 10 yo mare Cuba Libre, and it’s probably for the better that now I have a lot of time to properly get to know her and work on all problems. So as we don’t know when we will start competing again and it’s great opportunity to work hard and keep ourselves motivated to come back even stronger.

And a big appreciation to my sponsors Kinglsand, EQuick, Winderen, Woolpad for keeping me and my horses equipped in the best way even during these difficult times!