Spring Clean Up: The prettiest tack rooms to inspire you

The weather is nice, you’re in quarantine, you’re stuck at home so maybe this is the perfect moment to reorganize your tack room. In order to give you some decoration ideas, we selected five of the prettiest barns on Instagram and Pinterest.

What we like about these three tack rooms is that they look very spacious and clean. We also like the idea of the sheepskins in the middle of the room to create some cosiness and the mirror, because let’s face it. We all want to check if our hair’s still in place after wearing a cap.

The tack room on the left almost doesn’t look like a tack room but like a simple room in the house farmbrazil.com.br. That’s what we love about it. It has everything that is necessary to put your tack away, but it still gives you a warm feeling, like coming home. The same thing happens in the second picture. Because of the wooden beams, the tack room has a sort of warmth that we like. The tack room on the right is perfect for all cow girls amongst us: clean, all cleaned up but cool at the same time.