Did you forget?? The perfect “The Day After Valentine” Equestrian gifts…

Surprise the equestrian in your life with a Valentine’s gift to remember…

The nice thing about horse people is you really can’t go wrong with the kind of horse-related gift you give them. Worried they might already have a bottle of ThrushBuster? Guess what? They’ll need another one eventually.

1 Custom Name Plate

Getting a name plate for your loved one’s tack locker or the stall door of her equestrian companion are great options. You can find a variety of customisable options on Etsy in an assortment of styles and colours to make it really personal. This name plate by Moxie Designs ATX is hand painted, hand lettered, and is both waterproof and UV protected!


2 Custom Halter

A name plate for his/her horse’s leather halter, or a new leather halter itself is another great option for a Valentine’s gift. This leather halter by Kincade through Amazon comes with a name plate and only requires you to get it engraved upon delivery and is available in black or brown leather.


3 New Blanket

For the horse, not your beau! If you know that your loved one has been coveting a new blanket (or other tack item for that matter) surprising them with that is a great way to not only show you’ve been listening, but also that you understand the financial strain a horse can put on a bank account and that you’re willing to help out with it. If you’re experiencing a cold winter, look into a heavy turnout blanket with a neck attachment like this option from Amazon – just be sure to get the proper size beforehand.


4 Horse Insurance for the Year

This is far from romantic, but certainly passes the utilitarian test. One necessary evil many horse owners pay for is insurance. Insurance will protect them from financial costs associated with unforeseen circumstances like a costly surgery or accident. Paying for the cost of insurance for a year is a great way to take the burden off of your loved one while ensuring they and their four-legged equine partner are looked after for the next 12 months.

5 Painted Portrait

Commission a painting of his/her favourite horse https://cz-lekarna.com/. The painting can be done in a fine art style that is realistic, like this option by Artocrat, or even an abstract or caricature style like this wine glass on Etsy for something unique! This would also make for a great conversation starter in the home.