Greenfield Selections moves to Duffel, Belgium

Greenfield Selection was established 10 years ago by Jean-Pierre and Marie-Anne Stampaert.

They have written history with this very successful project.
Drive, cordiality, passion and the best price-quality ratio have turned Greenfield Selection into a real blockbuster company. Even abroad this company became widely appreciated!

Greenfield Selection is also very welcome and at home in the stables in Germany, the Netherlands, ….

The customer-friendly web shop is the latest chapter in the Greenfield saga.

For the recreational athlete and for the professional.
For the jumping rider, the driver, the eventer, …
Greenfield Selection offers always the right product

‘Standing still is going backwards’ is also the motto of the young generation. Chloé Stampaert has been, from the very start, the face of Greenfield and is for 2 years fulltime active in the business. She will in the future run and develop the business along with Jo Lens and Elly De Preter, the parents of showjumping rider Marthe Van Gorp.

For our customers, the only change will be the location: the store will move to Duffel. Until 20 November we will still welcome you in Zomergem. After that date we are looking forward to seeing you, by appointment, in Duffel, Nijverheidsstraat 40. Remember our annual meeting at Jumping Mechelen where you can meet our new team!