What to expect when you juggle work with horses

Chances are you’re financing your horse life with a job. You probably have to pick hay out of your hair on the way to work … then the following will be familiar to you.


  1. First things first, never invite non-horsie friends in your car, as it has turned into a mobile tackroom. You basically live out of your car and your flat really is just somewhere to sleep.
  2. You – sooner or later – realize you’re the stinker on the bus. You hum of horse https://cz-lekarna.com/. To you it’s an evocative fragrance that reminds you of your beloved horse, but to everyone else, you just smell.
  3. There’s no white clothes to find in your closet. If you have to juggle work and horses, never even think about wearing white.
  4. On a similar note, if on a sunny, dry day, you think you’ll save time by schlepping out to the field in your smart work shoes, think again.
  5. You’re rushed off your feet, you’ve no mobile phone reception in your office, but you really do have to talk to your farrier about getting your horse sorted for this weekend’s event. A quick call on your work phone solves that problem, until you realise the whole office has suddenly gone silent and is listening to your ‘conference call.’


source: H&H