A first step to your dream stables?? We discovered Joli Lodger

As we were looking to build a nice stable house on the fields, we came across the team of Belgium’s Joli Lodger. An ideal solution when in need of a holiday feeling on the yard.

Imagine you have some nice fields, horses peacefully enjoying the grass being able to go in and out their stable or shelter. It is sundown and you just picture the view. Day after day you enjoy those summer nights. Suddenly you notice between day one and now you already build a small terrace and set some yard furniture and maybe a small party tent.

So you think: “Can’t I build my Holiday experience nearby my horses?”
In our first step towards our dream stable it does need to be efficiënt and minimalistic. It is about enjoying the scenery and my horses….

To answer with Obama’s famous words catalunyafarm.com… “Yes You Can!” In our search on how to do permits and building offers, we came across the team of Joli Lodger.

Basically they offer upgraded containers standard and custom made. The advantage is you have an easy to install holiday home wherever you want it to have. And most permits, are even ok!

An ideal solution. As an example they even made their own holiday park with their prototypes and testcases, it really made us dream for more! Practical, minimal but efficient that ‘s what we love about their design.

More info: Click here
Info about their www.fieldsofellis.be