5 ways to improve your health

  1. Create a healthy environment


Buy vegetables that can be eaten easily (avoid too much cut or peel work), or cut them immediately after purchase, so they become ‘easy-bites’.

Choose fruit with edible peels such as apples, pears, strawberries, blueberries, … This way you will grab them sooner as they don’t ask lots of preparation work. (Humans are lazy right?!).

Put unhealthy snacks away, out of eye-sight and place healthy food such as fruit, nuts, and vegetables on the counter or in the dining room. The healthy stuff has to become the easiest option to eat.

Tip: Buy frozen veggies and fruit as they are already cut and have a much longer shelf-life.


  1. You can’t eat what you don’t buy


If you constantly have unhealthy snacks on eye-sight, it becomes impossible to resist them. Much easier to make healthy choices if you don’t have the choice! Only buy the good stuff!

Don’t walk through the unhealthy aisles, just avoid them. Only buy the things you wrote on your grocery list.


  1. Planning is key


By making a week scheme and grocery list it becomes much easier to do groceries only once a week. Every time you go to the supermarket is an extra opportunity to buy unhealthy stuff. You could save a lot of time and money by only shop once. Most of grocery shops offers online shopping!


  1. Mealprepping


Don’t cook for 2 persons but for 4, always make left-overs. Store them in de fridge or freezer. This way you don’t have to cook every day. I often prepare all my meals on Sunday, as I’m nearly home before 8pm during the weekdays polska-ed.com.

For example, I cut different kinds of vegetables in pieces, roast them in the oven with herbs, cook a whole batch of rice or quinoa so I just have to add some proteins like canned chickpeas or lentils and I’m done!


  1. Think in advance


By making a sort of eat plan in your head after each meal, you won’t get tempted as much to eat more than needed. Plan the next moment you’ll eat something in advance, decide what it will be and the quantity.

For example, during lunch: I will take 1 apple with a teaspoon of peanut butter around 4pm.